crystal jewelry

Ireland has a long history of craft making which has given rise to the rich culture and proud heritage witnessed today. This in turn has created several unique and famous brands and products that are marked by their distinct Irish craft work. These speciality products have become world renowned Celtic gifts.

Claddagh Rings:

The origin of these rings can be traced back to the small village of Claddagh, outside Galway, in Ireland.They were first produced around the 17th century and have become famous for their strong symbolism and as a Celtic gift of friendship, love or marriage.

Donegal Tweed:

Traditional hand weaving has been passed on for generations in Donegal. Donegal tweed is celebrated for its quality, durability and mostly for its distinctive colors. Mainly produced by Magees of Donegal in modern times, the tweed is used in the making of stylish dresses, sweaters and trousers. However the traditional Donegal tweed jacket remains the most popular product and is on the top list of Irish gifts for men today.

Aran Jumper:

These are a style of fisherman’s jumper originating from the Aran islands, off the west coast of Ireland. They are distinguished by their unique and complex stitch patterns and traditionally come in a cream color. The distinctive patterns, design and acclaimed quality of these jumpers have made them one of the most fashionable Creative Irish gifts for men, women and children.

Waterford Crystal:

Originally founded in 1783 in Waterford city, the crystal business has become famed for the excellency of its products. Producing a variety of patterns and different product lines of crystal ware, Waterford crystal products have become a symbol of prestige and distinction. This crystal is a classic Irish wedding gift and is also commonly gifted for notable occasions such as retirement.

Newbridge Silverware:

Founded in 1933 as Newbridge Cutlery, it has evolved to become a world esteemed producer of silver jewelry, cutlery and other gift ware. Newbridge Silverware has accrued a reputation for outstanding quality and class. Their products make a prestigious gift for memorable events and their jewelry is hugely popular amongst Irish gifts for women of all ages.

Foxford Mills:

Founded in 1892 by an Irish nun, it is one of the last working mills in Ireland today. Combining traditional skills and modern designs, the mill produces distinct and unforgettable throws and rugs, scarves and bed linen which are an ideal Creative Irish gift. The addition of a range of baby blankets has also established their products as a fashionable Irish baby gift.