Gold Wedding Rings

Let’s face it – there’s nothing more classic than diamond anniversary bands. Even if you’re not planning on getting a diamond ring for your loved one, well, you’re going to end up getting one anyway!

That even goes for women who may not want a traditional ‘big rock’ diamond ring… though, prefer a completely different style that still uses diamonds. So, with the prevalence of diamonds nowadays, they’re completely unavoidable in jewelry!

Since diamonds make up a good portion of the jewelry world, there are naturally many alternatives out there to the standard diamond ring you might see on the market. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the classic diamond ring. Though, when you’re thinking about buying a diamond anniversary band, sometimes the classic wedding-style ring won’t cut it.

diamond wedding band

Why the Diamond Anniversary Band?

A diamond anniversary band is a wonderful way for a couple to commemorate their anniversary… any special occasion where it’s most appropriate to celebrate their relationship. Many diamond anniversary bands come in different styles, giving a couple a lots of choices in the set that they may want to buy.

Of course, many of these diamond anniversary band sets are available at many fine jewelry retailers like Though, you probably want to do a bit of research before you buy first and a great place to start would be here:

So, what is a diamond anniversary band anyway? Are they any different from wedding bands or eternity bands/rings?

The diamond anniversary band is considerably different than a wedding band, though it can also be much of the same fare as a wedding band. In fact, some couples choose to completely replace their wedding rings with anniversary bands. Others wear their anniversary bands with their wedding rings, turning both rings into a commemorative set.

You might have heard about eternity bands when looking for anniversary bands, too. Eternity bands are often used as anniversary bands, though there anniversary bands that are completely inappropriate for use as eternity rings.

Eternity rings can’t be changed after they’re made, thanks to the nature of the rings themselves. They’re typically made with diamonds encircling the entire piece, forming a band of diamonds (within the platinum or gold band) that symbolizes ‘unbroken love’ for a couple. Thanks to that, eternity rings are suited for couples celebrating years of a relationship together.

Anniversary bands often appear as semi-eternity bands, since they can be resized and/or engraved long after the ring is made. These bands usually feature diamonds that often encircle the sides of the band, though the diamonds don’t completely cover the sides. Since they’re relatively more ‘pliable’ than their counterparts, semi-eternity bands make great diamond anniversary bands.