1. Emma Manley

Emma Manley is a Dublin based fashion designer. Born in Dublin, she attended Grafton Academy, and following graduation moved to New York City, where she interned with luxury sportswear label VPL. After her time in New York she came to London to work for Alexander McQueen, until finally launching her own line, Manley, in 2010.

The ironically named Manley, is an inherently feminine line that conveys a deep romanticism through its individual aesthetic. Manley’s collections function on the basis of her juxtaposition of feminine frivolity and urban street wear, achieving a unique power and delicacy with her affordable take on luxury. Deepl  proud of her Irish heritage, she takes great pains to have each of her garments produced in her home country.

http://www.emmamanley.com/         Follow Emma www.twitter.com/#!/emmamanley

2. Joanne Hynes

Born in Galway, west Ireland, Joanne Hynes studied fashion first in Limerick and then at Lonond Central St. Martins. After receiving an MA from St. Martins she launched herself headlong into the fashion world, working with Nicola Formechetti and selling in cities across the world. She uses her unique brand of fashion savvy and craft embellishment in combination with a decidedly dark aesthetic to create clothing that is completely her own.

Drawing from her time living in India and her roots in Ireland her style is a controlled cultural clash that pulls inspiration from many places. She is constantly experimenting and exploring new ways of manifesting her individual vision, using advances in technology and technique to her advantage in the ever changing world of fashion.

http://www.joannehynes.com/                 https://twitter.com/joannehynes

3. Eileen Shields

Eileen Shields began her fashion education in Dublin, attending the National College of Art and Design. After graduating, shemoved to New York City to begin her career as a fashion designer. After honing her skills and working for such brands as Anne Klein and Donna Karan she launched her own line of fashion footwear, Eileen Shields, in 2004.

Focusing on shoe design, she has used her combination of class, comfort, and style to elevate her brand, bringing her international renown and the favor of a number of celebrities.She now runs her own store in Dublin, 5 Scarlet Row, where she sells her own line and a collection of accessories and clothing exclusive to Ireland designed by other world renownedfigures in fashion.


4. Eilis Boyle

Growing up around the world in places as different and distant as Japan and Bolivia, Ellis Boyle has unique and varied pools of influence to draw upon. Her unique world experience comes through in her work, manifesting itself in her lines of luxury, wearable women’s wear. Her label, which has shown in Paris Fashion Week for 10 straight seasons, is characterized by a subtly powerful femininity and elegant beauty. 

Ellis Boyle has been based in Ireland since 2001 doing all of her creative work for her fashion line there, becoming part owner of Bow in Powers Court Townhouse, and most recently becoming a partner at pencil, an online retail and web development consultancy.

http://eilisboyle.com/         https://twitter.com/eilis_boyle

5. Heidi Higgins 

Heidi Higgins graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2008, after which, she hit the ground running, introducing her own line to the market in 2009. Her label is, contemporary, feminine, sensitive to modern trends, but timeless in its beauty. Characterized by simple elegant style her work evokes images of the catwalk while remaining casual and accessible. Basic shapes and luxurious fabrics combine with her unique style to form this modern designer’s impressive collection of work.

http://www.heidihiggins.com/                https://twitter.com/higginsheidi

6. Lisa Shawgi

Lisa Shawgi studied fashion at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. After finishing her degree she worked with such artists as Vera Wang and Lainey Keogh honing her own skills and gaining invaluable insight into the world of fashion, enabling her to launch her own line of knitwear in 2008. Her designs play on the important elements of texture and color creating a new and different aesthetic with the classic comfort of knit fabrics. Drawing from her upbringing in the both the Sudan and Ireland she creates an aesthetic vaguely evocative of both cultures but with her own distinct and contemporary style.


7. Sorcha O’Raghallaigh

Sorcha O’Raghallaigh studied at Limerick School of Art and Design afterward moving to Central St. Martins to study and hone her skills in knitwear design. Born in Germany O’Raghallaigh grew up in Ireland and is now based out of London where she was discovered, on the strength of her 2010 graduate collection, by Lady Gaga’s style team. Her current work is influenced heavily by religious iconography which has inspired her use of lace and crochet along with layering and embellishment in her recent collections. Using these vague references to religious style she creates a unique and powerful aesthetic inspiring reverence in an ever growing collection of loyal followers.

http://sorchaoraghallaigh.co.uk/                         https://twitter.com/sorchaorags

8. Riona Treacy

Born in Belfast, Riona Treacy is a London based fashion designer. After graduating from University of Ulster with an MA in textile material product she moved to London to work with Alexander McQueen. While on the embroidery team there, two of her designs were used in the A/W 2010 collection. Following her success at Alexander McQueen she went on to work for Arcadia Group, Asos, and River Island before leaving to begin her own line of clothing. Riona combines the complex processes of advanced textile print with a simple aesthetic in order to make pieces that manage to be simultaneously conceptual and wearable. Her use of muted colors draws focus to the texture and shape of the clothing as it accentuates the body shape of the wearer, in a style all her own.

http://www.rionatreacy.com/    https://twitter.com/rionatreacy

9. Una Burke

Una Burke studied at the London Institute of Fashion, graduating in 2009. Her primary focus as an independent designer has been works of leather. Una considers her pieces to be wearable art which are “indefinable as particular garments (unaburke.com). ” Using traditional leather working techniques she creates evocative individual pieces. Her work has a strong conceptual basis and each piece is related to a direct goal in interpreting and manifesting her personal views and and feelings in relation to these concepts. Her new line deals with the concept of water, its softness as an element, but also its destructive potential.

http://www.unaburke.com/                https://twitter.com/unaburke_design

10. Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha is a London based, Dublin born fashion designer. She received her BA in fashion from the National College of Art in Design in Dublin, following which, she moved to London to study at Central Saint Martin’s College, where she received an MA in fashion in 2010. Following the success of her London Simone collection which debuted in 2010 she has continued to receive wonderful press recognition for her superb nonchalance and play on innocence and edge.


http://simonerocha.com/         https://twitter.com/Simone_Rocha_


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