vintage jewelry

A number of factors affect the quality and durability of old engagement rings. Some of these items have gemstones, which unlike diamonds, are softer in nature and may have cracks and other imperfections that a normal person can’t really notice.

Buyers should inquire about these gemstones and ask for a gemologist report to make sure what they’re buying is worth their money. The quality of gold may also vary depending on how old the collection is. Most old school rings are about 15 karat gold as that was the standard quality in older periods.

You should also make sure that if the diamond is over 1.5 carats you should get an independent diamond certification with all the details of the diamond.

Caring for a Vintage Engagement Ring

A classic ring will generally last a long time depending on how it’s taken care of. If the band has stones like emeralds, it should not be soaked in alcohol or soap and water solutions. Emeralds are soft stones and susceptible to damage. Proper attention must be paid to the setting of the stones. If the setting around the stone is loose, the stone could fall off in a jiffy.

Places to Buy the Best Vintage Engagement Rings


Tiny Jewel Box: Located in the Washington DC area, this store has the largest collection of fine retro jewelry. With a wide variety of items, you can get a piece for as low as $500.

Boone and Sons Jewelers: They are Washington DC’s largest and most renowned jewelers. They have a vast catalog of exciting designs.

Doyle and Doyle: Considered one of the best classic jewelry stores in New York City. They have a superior collection of classical engagement bands. Their prices range from $2500 to $20000.

On-line Stores

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